#PETRONAS CNY Greetings 2019 - HEART

Assalamualaikum and hi :)
A good day, ain't it? So today some of my friends, our community are celebrating Chinese New Year. I didnt know much about it but all I can see is they wore traditional clothes, like cheongsam and gave angpau.. Haahaa... Thinking about the angpau made me smile. I suddenly reminisced back when the Muslim had their Eid Celebration.

So, I just wanna share a vid from one of the big companies, PETRONAS about CNY. It is really-really amazing to watch this kind of video. It make us think back our action. How we spend time with our beloved ones, what would we prioritize if we were in her shoes and would it be regrettable if we choose the wrong choice. So, watch this first.

Sad, right? Hahaha... I cried a bit when I watch this. 

Lesson learnt : Nobody can turn back time. Be sure of your choice, not to regret it. Spend your time wisely with the beloved one. And a quotes I like, Siapa yang melamar dahulu? Insan atau Nisan? Bukan pilihan kita.
So, all in all, I just wanna say, xinen kuaile to our Chinese friends. Have fun and spend your time wisely with your beloved ones, ok.


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