My 20th 🌻

Assalamualaikum wbt.
How're you guys doing? Fyi, I've already reach 20 this year. If anybody know my birthdate, they would know when I reach that number.

To be honest, I have never celebrate my birthday on the day for the past 7 years. Because I live apart from my family and rarely went back home. And this year I could say, nothing particularly special about my birthday. No birthday cake, no present, no surprise.

I did get a lot of wishes and all, but all I want is just to treat myself on my special day. If someone did something special for me, well it's a bonus :))

On that day (this year), me and my friends went to Aeon Station 18 Ipoh, just for fun. We ate Mr Dakgalbi (not recommended tho, cuz we love spicy food and expecting spicy food. But in the end, we were disappointed with our own expectation). On that day too, I was searching for shoes. Well, my priority was looking for shoes, but then, being there I bought a novel instead of shoes.

Well, things didn't go the way I want it to be. In the end, I didn't buy any shoes at all. Seriously, a failure. But well, maybe I'll buy it in the other time. Hmmm...

Then, that's all about my 20th celebration. Just for your information, I'm currently studying for Chemical Engineering. I thought that this semester might be a lil free compare to last sem, cuz I have less responsibilities. But as time goes by, I think this semester might be the same as last sem. The responsibilities piles up as time goes by, at the fifth week of the semester.

So, I was hoping for your wishes, wish for the best, insyaAllah.


That's all from me, just a lil sharing, not sharing Γ­lmiah' for sure. Just my personal sharinh.

Tq πŸŒ»

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Siti Yang Menaip said...

happy belated birthday..!! have a blast year ahead ^^

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