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Nota minda: Giveaway by Lyana Ishak & Eyja Masliza akan berlangsung selama dua minggu bermula dari 22 Mac (Rabu) hingga 4 April 2017 (Selasa).

So, jom join^^.

Giveaway By IgShop @luv.sweetchoco

Giveaway By IgShop @luv.sweetchoco
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IG : _pqzamri


Assalamualaikum and howdie???
Piqa alhamdulillah masih sihat lagi.

Kenapa tak update entry? Result SPM dah dapatkan?

Saje, Piqa tau, nanti ramai update result SPM camne. Itu ini so, biar reda jappp situasi baru piqa update.

So, now i can ask right? So, how's your SPM? Nehi or alhamdulillah?

Alhamdulillah and Wa Allah Khairu Al-Makirin.

Apa tu? Wa Allah Khairu AL-Makirin???

Maksudnya Dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik Perancang, Well He's the Best of it.
Piqa tak nak cakap berapa result piqa, yang penting Alhamdulillah, Allah knows the best for me. He knows what I am good for. He know the consequences of giving that result or this result to me. Alhamdulillah, just praise Him for it.

So, kira ok (OKLAH) kaann.... Kira mantapp lah ni ???
Piqa tak cakap, piqa just cakap Allah chose this and He know this is the best for me.
Alhamdulillah piqa bersyukur dengan result yang piqa dapat.
Tapi sedihnya GCE-O piqa dapat 2A T^T kiranya A-.
Takpelah, nanti buat MUET or TOESL dapat tinggilah kot.. *maaf tergedik berangan tinggi

At first, piqa target berapa A?
 Piqa time dah habis SPM tu, piqa cakap kat mak piqa yakin 2A/ 9 subjects je.. But then tetiba 2A yang piqa target tu yang jadi A+, Alhamdulillah. Hehe yang A+ tu subjek Pendidikan Islam and Mathematics. Add Maths kalau dapat A+ piqa claim diri piqa Einstein XP
Give us tips. Apa tip piqa dapat camtu...

Ok, firstly kalau nak tau piqa aim gilerrrrr tinggi ..

Which is 9A+ , and and my efforts doesnt lead to it. Takpelah.
And my friends, some of my closest friends asked me, " Piqa, why do you aim to high? It's so high and I afraid if you didnt get them, you will disappointed. "
And I said " Never mind, it's me who aimed high and not you. Dont stick your nose around me."

Ok, ayat tu sebenarnya piqa tak balas camtu je, takat cakap piqa yang nak aim high bukan diorang.

If that person disappointed, let it be me not you. I'm the one challenging myself to get them, I'm the one challenging SPM Questions to get them, and alhamdulillah dapat camtu...

Remember, Allah gave you 11A's / 6A's / 11C's / 6C's or any grade for SPM just to test you. Did you put your trust in Allah? And for those who got 8A's 1B ( not me basically), remember Allah give you B to test you. Bersyukur ke idak dapat B tu terutamanya B+.

Many people didnt get the chance to study like you. Many people didnt get like that result like you. So, Bersyukurlah.
Piqa tak takut ke aim tinggi sangat?

Like I said, I'm the one who aimed high and I'm the one who will be disappointed. Biar tinggi angan2 nanti kita sendiri yang nak berusaha, bukan orang lain. Let people talks, nobody can shut them up. People will continue talking until themselves eventually become tired.

Just nak cakaplah satu benda, piqa aim tinggi2 and piqa usahakan untuk realisasikan nya, Bukannya piqa aim tinggi and let only du'a and hopes. Efforts are needed.

Efforts + Du'a = Success Hereafter and Dunya
Du'a + w/o Efforts = Meaningless success
Efforts + w/o Du'a = Success at Dunya but not hereafter

Put your trust in Allah and trust yourself that you can do it. Mind other people, they surely just talk to make them happy. Why not we make them think wrong. we prove it to them that they were wrong, like I did.

Cuba piqa cerita moments unpredictable time SPM?

Before SPM, my parents always came to TGB and brought me out for outing. I was so happy like I'm the most lucky child on the Earth.. Muahaha, berangan.
When that outing, I always felt dizzy. And my mom said, "Demam tu." and then my father drove us to clinic. At that time it's about the end of outing, but my mother insisted to get me to the clinic. At 6 pm something we found a clinic, and it's true i'd fever. My tonsil was swollen. But after a few days, i'd feel much better.

Piqa dapat banggakan parents piqa tak??? Yelah ada dalam entry piqa cakap piqa tak nak diorang kecewa, piqa tak nak diorang nangis sebab piqa???
Alhamdulillah piqa dapat banggakan parents piqa. I made my mother to cry in joy, when she cried I eventually cried as well. See it yourself at my IG : _pqzamri. It's private, so do follow me to see it for yourselves.

Well like my sisters said, I aimed so high that she sure nobody in our family could beat it. She's just joking XD

Well good luck my little bro, Muhammad Izzat. May you defeat me this SPM'17.

So, sesiapa nak tau result piqa.. DM lah ye... 
Alhamdulillah CV34 berjaya rampas #1 Malaysia balik.
Congrats batchmates :)
Kita berjaya buktikan pada cg2, we're not a pain in the ASS.



How are you guys? I'm alhamdulillah feeling well and fine.
So, what are you guys doing know? Ok, i know this is 'baku'.
Just wanna try typing English entry not Manglish...

So, what's up with this title ' Cry '.
Have you ever behave badly infront of your beloved person, like mom, dad, sister or brother???
If not, well done and if yes, yeah we'll never miss from mistakes..
So was I. Why did i say that???

This is just a sharing, from an experience and not to open the 'aib' just to share..

There is one fine day, a girl just wanna hang out with her friends but her mother didn't give permission and not allowing her.
She didn't know that it was actually for the seek of her. Just to ensure her safety from evils and also prevent her from bad socialization. I'm sorry but i didn't quite sure if that's the correct word.
So, continueing the story, she wrote some words that express her unsatisfying feelings onto the paper.
And somehow her mother found out about it and don't know what to react..

Until today, the girl still remembers that incident when she knew her mother was very taken aback with her attitude.

And just recently she did the same thing but with different way. She accidentally kicked the chair which was near to her mother. And when her sister wanted to go out to buy somethings, she refused to join her. Instead, she just sits silently at home doing nothing.

Now, she feels very uncomfortable, thinking of it and she was just about to cry.

Ok, now just 'hadam' that story and find out the moral values.
You know that when you hurt someones feeling, you will feel 'gelisah' and all that.
That's her feelings right now.

Ok, some people that are close to me know my attitude, behavior and unexpected ways to express them.
FYI ( For your Information), I am very unpredictable person, I easily taken aback, i'm easily take it to heart but i'm very hard to cry infront of anyone. I easily cry when i watch or read sad novels or story but infront of people, i will hold it.

So, FYI I really love my mom, dad, sisters and bros.
But i'm very hard to express my feelings..

So, take care and assalamualaikum.

Thank you for hearing me out.

MummyAyu's Giveaway *tamat

Image result for giveaway
Assalamualaikum.. Salam dari piqa di bulan March^^
Piqa baru je terbaca entry dari someone's blog about this giveaway.
Memang interesting sebab hadiahnya tak pernah lagi la piqa nampak .

It is Pasport Holder. Masya Allah seriously cantek and comel..Macam ni^^^^
Teringin piqa nak satu,
Kalau piqa menang, teringin sangat nak pasport cover warna Light Coral ataupun Khaki.
Saje je, sorry too demanding..
Kalaulah piqa menang, memang alhamdulillah. tapi kalau tak pon mungkin tak de rezeki...
Tapi hope menang lah...
Kalau tak menang, boleh tak piqa nak tau dekat mana mummy ayu order... teringin satu^^

Okeylah, good luck guys yang join.. Pray for me too....

Cepat-cepat join, due 8 March^^

Any information required, do click the banner above.
I have backlinked it..
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