How are you guys? I'm alhamdulillah feeling well and fine.
So, what are you guys doing know? Ok, i know this is 'baku'.
Just wanna try typing English entry not Manglish...

So, what's up with this title ' Cry '.
Have you ever behave badly infront of your beloved person, like mom, dad, sister or brother???
If not, well done and if yes, yeah we'll never miss from mistakes..
So was I. Why did i say that???

This is just a sharing, from an experience and not to open the 'aib' just to share..

There is one fine day, a girl just wanna hang out with her friends but her mother didn't give permission and not allowing her.
She didn't know that it was actually for the seek of her. Just to ensure her safety from evils and also prevent her from bad socialization. I'm sorry but i didn't quite sure if that's the correct word.
So, continueing the story, she wrote some words that express her unsatisfying feelings onto the paper.
And somehow her mother found out about it and don't know what to react..

Until today, the girl still remembers that incident when she knew her mother was very taken aback with her attitude.

And just recently she did the same thing but with different way. She accidentally kicked the chair which was near to her mother. And when her sister wanted to go out to buy somethings, she refused to join her. Instead, she just sits silently at home doing nothing.

Now, she feels very uncomfortable, thinking of it and she was just about to cry.

Ok, now just 'hadam' that story and find out the moral values.
You know that when you hurt someones feeling, you will feel 'gelisah' and all that.
That's her feelings right now.

Ok, some people that are close to me know my attitude, behavior and unexpected ways to express them.
FYI ( For your Information), I am very unpredictable person, I easily taken aback, i'm easily take it to heart but i'm very hard to cry infront of anyone. I easily cry when i watch or read sad novels or story but infront of people, i will hold it.

So, FYI I really love my mom, dad, sisters and bros.
But i'm very hard to express my feelings..

So, take care and assalamualaikum.

Thank you for hearing me out.

♚You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful | Afiqah Zamri♚