The Best of me

Assalamualaikum guys. Bye. Good night 
Hmm apa kaitan tajuk ni eh malam ni..
Well tadi piqa baru hbis interview harini..
Adalah for scholarship. It's not in my interest course but i just wanna try and collect the experience.
Well, i thought of giving my best during the interview, but since yesterday I was extremely sicked and unwell... I got diarrhea and vomit all that stuff.. so i didn't have the energy yet. Therefore i cant give my best, instead i was unwillingly gave them my worst ...
I don't know, it's just that I'm too tired and i didn't have the energy to share with them. I certainly knows that i wont get he scholarship. If i were them, i wont give it to myself as well.
You can imagine how worst it was .. i was hoping the other scholar, the first interview i went, went well and allowed me to pass the test.. i hope i get the scholarship Amin ya Allah..
Allah knows how much i really want the scholarship.
Insya Allah I will recover well soon Amin .
Thank you for reading this pot pet entry.. Good night, Assalamualaikum.
Semangat sekolah lamaa... Throwback hari sukan tgb 


Nabila Syifa said...

semoga berjaya dpt scholarship

Eyqa Zq said...

Get well soon ^^

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