Taylor's university

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening.
Piqa ada great news and badd news.
Which one you prefer first?

Ok. The good news is i've got a call from taylor's university and they offer me to pursue my study in the university and they ask me if i'm interested to.
And totally i am.
But the cost is too expensive which i really think i couldn't afford it except with sponsorship or scholarship.
Then dia tanya my trial result.
So as mine is not straight A's she said my opportunity for scholarship maybe takde..
Pastu apatah dia cakap pasal 7000$ for each subject will be deducted if something bla bla ..
Tak dengar sangat apa dia cakap.
Dia kata nak offer for January intake.
So, i am in dilemma.

And i just asked my parents what do they think?
So the bad news is they ask me to wait for 'the' SPM result.
And my mom said UNITEN je lah..
Paling laaa..
Orang nak pursue medicine and she ask me to go there..
Mana ada medicine kat sana..
So, what do i need to do!!!!
Sangat in dilemma..
Please readers nasihatkan piqa..
Piqa x tau nak buat apa.
Sapa ada nombor phone cg Su ke cg Shida ke..

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